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About Us

Expert  Mechanics  who  will help  you  get  the  best out  of  your  Truck  and  Trailer

Arctic Freight Truck and Trailer services several companies ranging from big fleets with over 40 trucks and trailers to small 1-unit fleets.


We have 3 fully equipped service trucks including a box truck capable of on-site services such as oil changes, fabrication and welding repairs, engine work and so much more.


From those tough days on the side of the road, until now, our focus has always been and will always remain the same, to exceed your expectations and offer you the best service for your fleet, no matter how big or small it may be.

It all started in our front yard!

December of 2016 in Galesville, Wisconsin.

At the time we had no shop, so we worked on trucks and trailers for a small 2-truck operation on the shoulder of the road in front of our house.

 We expanded our operation and took on 4 trucks by March of 2017.  We picked up an 8 foot by 14 enclosed trailer that we would outfit with electrical, storage for some parts, a 55-gallon drum of oil with a hand pump, an air compressor and just enough tools to get the job done.


By this time, we had hired a tech that would work part time with Ken fixing trucks and trailers on the weekends.  Everything from engine work, to brakes, tires, truck and trailer washes, truck lettering, and oil changes were all done on the side of the road no matter what the weather may be.

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